Peace and Justice in Sudan


In 2008 Africa Action launched a new, intensified campaign to raise awareness about the continuing crisis in Darfur and put public pressure on the next U.S. president to lead the international community in bringing peace and justice to Darfur and all Sudan. In June 2008, both Barack Obama and John McCain signed a pledge promising "unstinting resolve"[4] to end genocide in Darfur. Today Africa Action is mobilizing public pressure to keep this promise by achieving:

  1. ‍Protection of civilians from violence, starvation and disease;
  2. ‍Sustainable peace for all Sudan, including upholding the Comprehensive Peace Agreement; and
  3. ‍Justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators.
  • The campaign under the banner JUST L.E.A.D not only calls for leadership from the U.S. government but also challenges all people to meet our collective responsibility as ordinary individuals to LEARN. EDUCATE. and ACT. DAILY. on the most important moral and solidarity question of our time.
  • As part of this campaign Africa Action is working with other organizations to collect one million postcards urging President Obama to make peace and justice in Darfur and all Sudan a Day-One priority.


While the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 did reduce much of the fighting between the Government of Sudan, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement and other armed rebel groups in Sudan fighting, human rights abuses and food insecurity continue.

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